Gamified solutions for a lazy eye

Enhancing the delivery
of Eyecare Worldwide

Virtual reality gaming improves lazy eye in 3 to 6 months

with just one hour of daily play.

Optolab3D Mission Statement

Optolab is striving to revolutionise the delivery of eyecare across the globe by making it accessible and affordable to even the most underprivileged. We believe that clear comfortable vision is a basic human right and should be considered as essential as food, water, shelter and medicine. Our products are innovative tools that transform the treatment of amblyopia and reform vision screening.

Optolab3D brings you a fully integrated vision screening service:

  • Rapid assessment of many aspects of vision.
  • Capability to triage referral.
  • Optimise services of appropriate health care professionals at community and acute hospital level.
  • Remote configuration and monitoring capability.
  • Ideal for vision screening in the third world, schools, military, airline staff, electrical apprenticeships, professional drivers, VDU users, other occupational settings.

Fun alternative to patching!

Innovative treatment for amblyopia (Lazy Eye):

  • Treat your lazy eye while playing virtual reality games.
  • Games are tailored to satisfy your requirements.
  • Research shows 20 hours of perceptual learning is equivalent to 500 hours of patching.
  • Games can be modified according to your progress without having to visit the clinic.
  • Dichoptic Presentation.
  • Binocular integration at an earlier stage than patching.

Interactive games encourage hand-eye co-ordination development as “lazy eye” improves.

Sport specific vision tests:

  • Ideal to help management to identify areas of strength, weakness and opportunities of athletes/sportspeople’s visual system.
  • Maximises sports performance.
  • Enables deficiencies to be quickly addressed preventing further knock-on effects.

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