What is TherOpia?

TherOpia  is a gamified solution for training lazy eye. The name is derived from the latin for therapy which is therapīa and the latin for vision defect Opia.

How does it work.

Virtual reality allows different images to be presented to each eye.

As the child plays games, the good eye can be blurred just enough to allow the amblyopic eye to engage.

As the weaker eye improves the level of blur can be reduced until both eyes are engaged.  

The game requires the child to engage with objects that can only be seen by the lazy eye.

Research has shown that by playing virtual reality games for as little as one hour a day can improve the lazy eye in as little as 3 to 6 months where conventional patching requires 2 to 6 hours a day for 12 to 24 months.

Unlike patching this solution enables binocular integration and hand-eye co-ordination development.

Controlled Therapy Sessions

Practitioners Can Customize Parameters

  • Eye to be occluded (OD/OS/OU)
  • Level of occlusion (Full/Partial/Blur /None)
  • Date and time of sessions
  • Number of sessions per day
  • Number of sessions per week
  • Starting level for each session depending on progress achieved
  •  Minute by minute customization for each session
  • A taylor made training program unique for each child

Remote Tracking of Results

Practitioners can monitor progress from the clinic when children play the games at home

Notifications to Parents

Practitioners can notify parents of sessions played, time spent each session, progress made and advice will be given based on child´s progress.

TherOpia Videos


What is Amblyopia/Lazy Eye?

Amblyopia commonly referred to as Lazy-Eye results when the brain has difficulty using both eyes together. This usually, but not always, is a result of blurred vision in one or both eyes in early childhood.

Can Amblyopia/Lazy Eye be corrected after 6 years of age?

Yes. Historically it was thought that there was a period of “plasticity” between 3 and 6 years of age and that amblyopia therapy would not be successful after that. Recent research from The National Eye Institute (NIE) shows that amblyopia can be treated well into teenage years, some believe that improvements can be achieved well beyond teenage years.

Can an eye be lazy if there is no turn?

A Yes. It is not uncommon for an eye with a turn (strabismus) to be mistakenly described as a lazy eye but they are two different eye conditions. Strabismus is a term used to describe a misalignment of the two eyes. The misalignment can be in, out, up or down. Uncorrected strabismus can result in an eye becoming lazy making treatment more complicated.

What is TherOpia and how does it work?

TherOpia works in a similar way to traditional patching but in a more tailored way. Patching only allows full occlusion. The patched eye sees nothing. This prevents both eyes working together. TherOpia enables the practitioner to customize therapy to provide just the appropriate amount of blur in the good eye and introduce binocular integration as quickly as possible. TherOpia has the added advantage of training hand-eye co-ordination.

Can surgery correct amblyopia/lazy-eye?

No. Amblyopia can only be corrected by allowing each eye to have a clear vision by wearing appropriate spectacle correction or with vision therapy or a combination of both.

In some cases, when a child has both strabismus and amblyopia and the eyes cannot be fully aligned by wearing appropriate spectacle correction a combination of surgery and vision therapy may be required.

What does the research say about virtual reality vision therapy?

A Peer-Reviewed Research has shown the lazy eye to improve by 2 lines of a vision test chart by using virtual reality therapy for 12 weeks.

Is TherOpia easy to use for practitioners who are not tech savvy.

Yes. TherOpia is no more difficult than using a mobile phone. Optolab3D will provide training and support to get you started and all along the way. Easy as 1,2,3.

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    About US

    TherOpia  is a gamified solution for training lazy eye. The name is derived from the latin for therapy which is therapīa and the latin for vision defect which is Opia.

    It was designed by Valerie Kennelly an Optometrist with 30 years’ experience and Francisco Blazquez an award-winning software game developer with 35 years’ experience to make a fun alternative to patching therapy.